Call for Abstracts: “Challenges of the 21st century for sociology of religion”

Program Coordinators:
Eloísa Martín, United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Juan Cruz Esquivel, University of Buenos Aires/ CONICET, Argentina
Roberta Bivar Carneiro, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

The debate on religion, its role, its development, and its future has been intense, extensive and sophisticated during the last few decades. Religion is both a central phenomenon itself and a key variable that can be used to explain economic, social, and political phenomena. Both facets require continuous in-depth research. In recent years, many sociologists have begun to identify limits to the current approach to religious phenomena, and especially to the definitions of religion developed in the West. A number of authors have extended this critique to the ways sociologists currently explain and interpret “religion” in the 21st Century. Though still emerging, such accounts have opened new paths by which sociologists of religion can face both the empirical and theoretical challenges of our era.

We invite abstracts for the following sessions:

Beyond Western Centrism of Religion: To Study Africa Inspired Religions in the 21st Century

Civil Society and Religion

Culture, Religion, and Gender Inequality

Early Career Sociologists of Religion Session 

Overlapping Trajectories: Religion, Migration and Health Paths.

Religion and Practical Ethics: Bioethics, Environmental Ethics and Legal Ethics

Religion, Environment, and Social Movements

Religion, Spirituality and Morality in a Post-Secular Age

Religions, Social Movements and Politics Circulation, Production and Politics of Knowledge in the “Christianisms of Liberation” and Its Adversaries 

Religiosity in Transition; Change of Roles Over the Time

Religious Dynamics in the Public Sphere in Latin America

Revisiting ‘religion’ from a Gender Perspective

The Public Role of Religion

The Reciprocal Influence of Religion and Demography

Where Is Religion in Popular Religion? New Approaches for an Old Debate

Wtf? (“What the Faith?”) – Peering Anew into the Conceptual Domains of “Religion”, “God”, “Spirituality”, “Faith” and Related Constructs

We will also be including the following invited sessions in our RC22 program:

Presidential Session and Business Meeting (Invited Session)

Session Organizer: Afe Adogame, Princeton University

Religious, Spiritual and/or Non-Religious Young People (Invited Session)

Session Organizer: Anna Halafoff, Deakin University

The ISA CONFEX website is now open for abstract submissions from April 25 – September 30, 2019 24:00 GMT. Abstracts may only be submitted through the CONFEX site. Programme coordinators cannot include abstracts sent by email or include abstracts submitted after the CONFEX system is closed.

Go to to enter the CONFEX site and click on Begin a Submission. Abstracts must be submitted in English, French or Spanish.

A person may be listed in the Program:
•    up to 2 times as author or co-author (oral or poster presentation, distributed paper, roundtable presenter)
•    up to 2 times as chair or co-chair, panellist, critic, discussant

To be included in the program the participants (presenters, chairs, discussants, etc.) need to pay full registration fees by March 19, 2020. If not registered, their names will not appear in the Program Book and in the Abstracts Book.

Please address any questions to any of the Program Coordinators:

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