Author Guidelines

General Guidelines

Articles are to be written in the APA style. APA guidelines are as follows: articles should be in double-space, 12 pt. and Times New Roman font is required.

Have a page header as the running head at the top of each page. It is essential that your article consists of 1) Title Page 2) Abstract 3) Main Body 4) References and correspondingly contains Keywords and Figures and Tables (if any). The length of the article is recommended to be 5000-8000 words.

Title Page

The title page should consist of:

Informative title of the article

Name of the author

Institutional affiliation



Please provide a brief and concise gist of your article and have your abstract between 150-250 words. Authors may list their keywords in italics in the abstract section. Nevertheless, the author should introduce readers the topic, purpose of the research, primary results and major conclusions you drew.


The article should be divided into subsections. Subsections should be numbered as follows: 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, etc. The abstract is not included in the section numbering. Subsections could have brief headings to lead the reading. Headings should have their own line.


If authors are to use abbreviations that is not common in the field, provide a footnote that will be used to reference when needed. This will appear on the first page of the article.


Please provide 5-6 keywords at the end of your abstract for indexing purposes.


The title page of the article is the place to acknowledge who helped during the research (assisting in formatting the article, proofreading, providing sources, etc.)

Figures and Tables

If the author may have any figures and tables, he/she is permitted to submit it in both text and image (choose one). Figures and tables can be placed next to the relevant text or at the end of the article. Nonetheless, number the figure/table sequentially corresponding to their appearance in the article and provide a brief text under the figure/table.


As stated in the general guidelines, referencing must be done according to the APA style. Please confirm that any material cited in the text of the article is also present in the reference list.


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